Customer service policy

Purchasing process: 

Once client choose a product, we proceed to verify if we have the requested item in stock. If so, the product is packaged and sent by Standard Courier Service within three (3) business days. Since we are a manufacturing company, in case the item is not in stock, this will be made according to the following specifications contained in the client’s order: 

  • Item code 
  • Size 
  • Color 
The time required to make the garment is approximately two (2) weeks. In case the originally requested color is not available, we will send an email offering the available options. 

Tom Gutie designs, develops and makes its own products. We do not outsource our production; we make the whole process in our clothing workshop, which allows us to offer the possibility to customize client's product. This implies that client can modify certain characteristics of the garment, or add certain details such as embroidery with client name or the image that client wants. Customization options have an additional cost and are detailed in the Personalizing Library. For more information on how to order out of stock items or customization, contact us at our email address. As a result, these custom orders will take longer than the term mentioned above. We will notify client by email on estimated delivery time. In the Personalizing Library the client will find additional time information, required for the preparation of client’s order.

Please note that our prices include shipping costs in the “door to door” mode but it does not include the applicable taxes and fees, depending on the tax legislation of the country of destination. Peru has several free trade agreements with numerous countries of the world, allowing us to be competitive in global commerce and our products have a certification of origin, which guarantees and allows in many cases be exempt from ad valorem tariff payments in their entry to the destination country.

In order to execute the client's Purchasing Order, customer must register its personal information. This personal information, which must be recorded in the registry includes: Client First and Last Name, email, gender, telephone and address. These fields may vary depending on the country where the client resides.

The collection of information through the Platform has three main objectives:
  • Properly processing and validate the Purchasing Order.
  • Establish timely communication with the Client, to provide the necessary support in case of any eventuality.
  • Keep client updated regarding products, services, campaigns, offers or other marketing action carried out by the brand.



    Once the items of choice have been added to the Shopping Cart, client must enter his/her data so that payment can be made, which it can be done in any of these modalities:

    • Direct payment to the Bank.
    • Payment by Credit Card.


    Direct payment to the Bank

    In case the client decides to pay his purchase through “Direct payment to the Bank”, before finishing the purchase and client having entered personal and shipping information, the Platform will provide the total amount to be canceled and the collector’s account information (see box 1) and the payment conditions of the transaction.

    Once the Purchasing Order is concluded, it will remain as Pending Payment until the payment is validated. For this, the client must provide the operation code. For its part, the bank will issue a voucher (proof of payment) physical or electronic, which guarantees the transaction and must be preserved, since it is an indispensable document, in case of future discrepancies, this voucher should be sent to the electronic mail : to proceed with the validation of client order. In this modality, the client will have a maximum period of (03) days to make the corresponding payment. After the (03) days and not having carried out payment of the amount, the Purchasing Order will be canceled and the selected products will be released from the reservation generated by this order. Tom Gutie no is responsible for the direct or indirect consequences of this cancelation.

    The Company will periodically monitor its collection accounts in order to verify the payments made to date, reason why it is of vital importance and exclusive responsibility of the client, to correctly  provide the data indicated above (account name, account code operation, exact dollar amount). Once the payment and the Purchase Order have been reconciled, the process of dispatch will be executed, with the modality of Delivery (Dispatch via courier). In case of any problem with the made payment, a Sales Assistant of the Company will contact the Customer as soon as possible.

    For the shipment of the product to be carried out successfully, that is, in a manner adequate and timely, the client must enter the correct information at the time of executing the Purchasing Order. The erroneous or Incomplete data record that may cause improper processing thereof, will be exclusive responsibility of the client. This could become a Cancellation of the order if the Company considers it pertinent. 

    Payment by Credit Card 

    The products offered on this platform are marketed safely. To make the payment under the "Credit Card Payment" mode, client includes data such as: Credit card number, expiration date and the verification code of the card. In order to provide the client with a secure purchasing process, personal data, credit card and purchasing are encrypted on the network, thus being protected.

    The Company, on the other hand, is not responsible for the possible commissions that Credit card operators could apply. Tom Gutie uses the PayPal payment gateway, which in turn accepts the following payment methods:

    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express

    By selecting this option at checkout, client will be directed to of PayPal’s website to log in and check the amount shown, before clicking on “Pay now”. Once the transaction is completed, client will be redirected to

    Before closing the purchase and having entered personal and shipping information, the customer will enter the credit card information, with the Total amount supplied by the Platform.

    Confirmation of the Purchase Order will take place, once it is verified that the payment was actually made. To do this, the company owns a virtual account, provided by the system provider payment, through which client can check in real time, the status of customer made transactions.

    With the confirmation ready, we proceed to start the dispatch process, which begins to run the term associated with the mode of delivery (dispatch via Courier). If there is a problem with the payment made, the customer may get in touch with the company.


    All our orders are sent free, worldwide, from our plant located in Lima, Peru through standard courier service. In case the client wants an Express or Overnight shipment, this additional cost in the rate will be charged to the client. The client will be informed of this additional cost and once the additional charge is communicated to the customer, via the email that the client has provided in the purchasing process. Once the order has been shipped, the client will receive an email with a tracking code so client can track and trace the package. Client’s item will be packaged and sent in a gift box with a unique design.


    Shipping Receipt Guidelines

    Once client order has been shipped and is en-route, client will be notified via email (see Track Client Order below for details). 

    If package is damaged, client must indicate the details of the damage to the delivery courier, before signing. If the damage is not recorded, the courier company will not accept insurance claims and Tom Gutie will not be able to comply with our return policy.

    Once the package has been signed, it will be considered that client has received the package and Tom Gutie has fulfilled his obligation to send the requested item. If at the time of unpacking, there are discrepancies, damages or missing content, client must inform immediately (within 24 hours) to our Customer Service at:  and we will take necessary actions to correct the problem. Please note that if client does not notify us immediately of any damage or missing items, then client is accepting the shipment and giving it conformity to the purchasing process.


    Client will receive an email from the corresponding message service once client order has been shipped, along with the package correspondent tracking number. Using this tracking number, client can track the whereabouts of the package directly on the website sent on that email. If assistance is needed, contact us at


    It is Tom Gutie's priority to offer excellent quality products and a high level of service. Therefore, the customer has the power to request an exchange or refund If client is not satisfied with the purchase. For this, client must make a formal request via email to After reviewed and approved, the respective exchange or refund will be made. However, the company reserves the right to accept or reject any of these requests, depending on the particularities of the case’s subject matter evaluation.


    If not satisfied with the purchase, client can return the item and receive a refund under these conditions:

    - The product has been acquired through the Tom Gutie E-Commerce platform.

    - The item purchased does not show signs of use or damage and it is in the original packaging, with original labels and the attached hang-tag.

    - The product must be returned within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt and be accompanied by the original purchasing receipt.

    - The total purchase price will be refunded, excluding any fees or additional express delivery.

    Please contact us to inform of your intention to return the item. Client must send us an email to within 10 calendar days after the date client has received the package, also client is to notify us of the reason for the return and ask to receive a Return Authorization code. This code must be written on the label of the return package. Packages without a valid return authorization number will not be accepted.

    Client is responsible for ensuring that the instructions above are followed and that the returned package is received at our facilities within 30 calendar days after the date the Authorization number was sent to client. We will not accept returned packages that do not have our Return Authorization number or item is received after 30 calendar days from the date the return authorization code was sent.

    Once the returned merchandise has been received at our facilities, we will inspect the item to ensure the conditions of the return. We will notify client by email the status of whether return request has been accepted or rejected. For accepted returns, Tom Gutie will refund client purchase within 3 business days after receipt and acceptance of client return. Please note that the repayment term depends on the payment method used for the purchasing and may depend on the policies of the credit card company. If the Company perceives that a returned item is damaged or worn, or if it is missing its original labels, Tom Gutie reserves the right not to reimburse client for this purchase. In this case, we will notify client by email. Please note that custom items cannot be returned and they are considered a final sale. A customized product can only be refundable in case of manufacturing or material defect, in which case client can contact customer service by phone or email for help.